Laura M Allen

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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Cerebral mycotic aneurysms are a rare and deadly type of aneurysm that have no definitive treatment guidelines. Our purpose was to retrospectively review known or suspected cases of CMA in order to identify patient populations that may be associated with higher morbidity and mortality. We hope that the identification of patients with(More)
Patients may present to the hospital at various times after an ischemic stroke. Many present weeks after a neurologic deficit has occurred, as is often the case with elderly patients and those in a nursing home. The ability to determine the age of an ischemic stroke provides useful clinical information for the patient, his or her family, and the medical(More)
Determinants of host-drug interaction comprise a complex of potentially variable factors. The complexity of this variability compromises the forecasting of favorable response in individual patients given standard therapy. Substantial success with current forms of chemotherapy may require that biochemical, pharmacologic, and clinical profiles be established(More)
THE USE of gut sterilization in a protected environment has been under investigation for several years as a means of reducing infection in patients with cancer undergoing intensive chemotherapy (Bodey et al., 1971; Levine et al., 1973; Yates and Holland, 1973). The possible effect of the gut sterilizing regimen on the pharmacokinetics of the cancer(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the prevalence of congenital heart disease (CHD) in the three Maritime provinces, and to study prevalence differences among provinces and defined regions within these provinces. DESIGN Each province was divided by counties into regions. All cases of CHD who were born alive in the study area between 1966 and 1989 were entered in a(More)
Plasma decay kinetics were analyzed for seven patients (400-5700 mg) during a Phase I clinical trial of imidazopyrazole. A two-compartment open pharmacokinetic model was able to account for the data. The median alpha-phase half-life was found to be 0.65 hour, with a median beta-phase half-life of 23.1 hours. Twelve per cent of the administered drug was(More)
Neonatal compartment syndrome (NCS) is a rare condition that is often initially misdiagnosed because its skin lesions mimic several other more common diseases of the newborn. It has not been described in the pediatric literature thus far. Early diagnosis along with fasciotomy may be limb and function-sparing, but only in certain cases, because the exact(More)
We present a patient with a large spontaneous splenorenal shunt secondary to isolated splenic vein thrombosis who developed severe bleeding from fundal gastric varices. The patient was managed emergently with splenic artery embolization and balloon occlusion retrograde embolization of the varices with alcohol. We discuss the clinical presentation,(More)
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