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The nature and congener composition of PCBs and PAHs present in sewage sludge composting processes was investigated. These studies included analysis of the most significant process parameters (such as pH, temperature, weight percentage variation) and in addition heavy metals whose typical composting speciation and behaviour were also considered in order to(More)
The ghrelin gene-derived peptide obestatin promotes survival in different cell types through a yet undefined receptor; however, its potential neuroprotective activities are still unknown. Here, obestatin effects were investigated on proliferation and survival of adult rat hippocampal progenitor cells (AHPs). Obestatin immunoreactivity was found in AHPs;(More)
We have considered interesting to determine monoclonal gammopathies incidence, in 2191 serum proteins electrophoresis performed in our laboratory from January to December 1974. We have found 15 cases of monoclonal gammopathies, some cases combined with Mieloma (3 cases), some other with other with non specific diseases. We have considered the relations(More)
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