Laura Laurent

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Based on an extensive sampling regime from both nesting populations and bycatch, frequency analyses of mitochondrial (mt) DNA control region haplotypes in the Mediterranean were used to assess the genetic structure and stock composition of the loggerhead sea turtle, Caretta caretta, in different marine fisheries. The analyses show the following. (i) In(More)
We investigate steady granular surface flows in a rotating drum and demonstrate the existence of rigid clusters of grains embedded in the flowing layer. These clusters appear to be fractal and their size is power law distributed from the grain size scale up to the thickness of the flowing layer. The implications of the absence of a characteristic length(More)
Youth aggression has been associated with negative parenting practices, but previous research about this association has mainly focused on physical and verbal aggression. Because more subtle forms of aggression are considered at least as harmful as their physical and verbal counterparts, there is a growing scientific interest in parenting practices that are(More)
The loggerhead turtle Caretta caretta is an endangered species in the Mediterranean. Therefore, the definition of the Mediterranean population, and their relationships to the Atlantic population is of fundamental importance. For this purpose, we have sequenced a portion of the mitochondrial cytochrome b gene to generate genetic markers. Results indicate(More)
The microdisplacements generated by a small localized overload at the free surface are visualized experimentally inside a packing of steel beads. For a triangular packing, beads rearrangements remain confined in two inverted triangles on both sides of the applied overload. This pattern disappears for stronger disorder. A simple model allows us to account(More)
This paper reports on experimental results from the SLAC NLC accelerator structure closeout program, and discusses a study that was conducted to improve the smoothness of machined tungsten for use in high gradient structures. At the Next Linear Collider Test Accelerator (NLCTA), an X-band (11.424 GHz) structure was operated at a lower temperature to(More)
W e investigate steady granular surface ows in a rotating drum and dem onstrate the existence ofrigid clusters ofgrains em bedded in the owing layer. These clusters are fractaland their size is power-law distributed from the grain size scale up to the thickness ofthe owing layer. The im plicationsofthe absence ofa characteristic length scale on available(More)
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