Laura Landgraf

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BACKGROUND A high prevalence of osteoporosis has been noted in Crohn's disease, but data about fractures are scarce. METHODS The relationship between low bone mineral density and the prevalence of vertebral fractures was studied in 271 patients with ileo-caecal Crohn's disease in a large European/Israeli study. One hundred and eighty-one currently(More)
Seven-month-old infants appear to learn means-end skills, such as pushing a button to retrieve a distant toy (Psychological Review 104 (1997) 686). The present studies tested whether such apparent means-end behaviors are genuine, or simply the repetition of trained behaviors under conditions of greatest arousal, as suggested by a dynamic systems(More)
A set of the objective quantitative parameters characterizing a pilot health status in a generalized form is required to manage the medical examination system. The medical and statistical data are proposed to be used. The major indices of health status of a group of pilots (public health) are: 1. Probability estimation of threat to space mission safety due(More)
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