Laura Laaksonen

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The limited audio bandwidth used in telephone systems degrades both the quality and the intelligibility of speech. This paper presents a new method for the bandwidth extension of telephone speech. Frequency components are added to the frequency band 4–8 kHz using only the information in the narrowband speech. First, a wideband excitation is generated by(More)
Efficient teleconference system can be created by extending the speech bandwidth and using spatial audio. If wideband speech transmission was not supported as such, an alternative way to extend the bandwidth is by exploiting an artificial bandwidth extension (ABE) algorithm. In such methods the audio bandwidth is extended in the receiving end, without any(More)
To enable the development of appropriate diagnostics and treatment for occupational voice disorders, this study addresses connections between subjective voice complaints and objective observations. The subjects of this study were 24 female customer advisors, who mainly use the telephone during their working hours. During one working day, at four different(More)