Laura L Haines

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The binding of purified simian virus 40 (SV40) large T antigen (T) from monkey cells infected with wild-type SV40 virus to viral replication origin-containing DNA fragments was studied by DNase footprinting and restriction endonuclease protection methods. A strong affinity binding site (site 1) of 30 base-pairs and a second, adjacent 40 base-pair lower(More)
Heteroduplex DNA molecules were formed by annealing an intact simian virus replication origin-containing fragment to a mutant derivative lacking the indigenous wild-type 27-base-pair (bp) inverted repeat within this structure and containing a nonhomologous 26-bp inverted repeat sequence in its place. Results of restriction enzyme and S1 endonuclease(More)
OBJECTIVES This study examined the information-seeking behaviors of basic science researchers to inform the development of customized library services. METHODS A qualitative study using semi-structured interviews was conducted on a sample of basic science researchers employed at a university medical school. RESULTS The basic science researchers used a(More)
In response to frequent use of mobile devices among medical students, Dana Medical Library at the University of Vermont provided mobile resource support to medical students preparing for clerkships. The librarians offered group instruction, individual assistance, and an online subject guide. These activities were assessed through evaluations, web(More)
We describe the use of denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis to screen for DNA sequence polymorphisms in the human factor VIII gene. DNA fragments that differ in sequence by only a single base pair can be separated on denaturing gradient gels due to changes in their melting behavior. Previous studies have demonstrated the use of denaturing gradient gels(More)
QUESTION Can an information prescription protocol be successfully integrated into a family medicine practice seeking to enhance patient education and self-management? SETTING Milton Family Practice, an outpatient clinic and resident teaching site of the University of Vermont and Fletcher Allen Health Care, is located in a semirural area fifteen miles from(More)
Simian virus 40 tumor antigen can be isolated in a highly purified state from the nuclei ofSV80 cells, a continuous line of simian virus 40-transformed human fibroblasts. A five-step purification method was used. Its apparent molecular weight (in sodium dodecyl sulfate/polyacrylamide gels) is approximately 90,000-94,000. It contains a detectable(More)
We describe a novel method for attaching any DNA molecule to submicron latex beads and characterize the hybridization kinetic properties of these bead-DNA conjugates. The conjugates hybridize to DNA in solution with rates comparable to homogeneous hybridization reactions, are compatible with common hybridization conditions and are conveniently manipulated.(More)
We have isolated the human homologue of the murine erythropoietin receptor (mEPO-R) from an erythroleukemia line, OCIM1, and from fetal liver. Both the cDNA and protein sequence of the human receptor were 82% homologous to the mEPO-R. Heterologous expression of the human cDNA in COS cells yielded a protein of about 66 Kd. The protein could be specifically(More)
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