Laura L Cornelissen

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Genetically targeted animals are used throughout research to investigate the role genes play in biological function, including the lower urinary tract. Generation of transgenic mice involves backcrossing for successive generations. Parental strain background genes can interact with the mutated gene potentially affecting interpretation of the mutant(More)
Correlations exist between the incidence of depression, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and overactive bladder [Masand, P.S., Kaplan, D.S., Gupta, S., Bhandary, A.N., Nasra, G.S., Kline, M.D., Margo, K.L., 1995. Major depression and irritable bowel syndrome: is there a relationship? J. Clin. Psychiatry 56, 363-367.; Cukier, J.M., Cortina-Borja, M., Brading,(More)
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