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The Role of the Reflexive Conditioned Motivating Operation (CMO-R) during Discrete Trial Instruction of Children with Autism.
Comprehensive intensive treatment based upon the application of behavior analytic principles has proven to be an effective form of intervention for children with autism (Green, 1996). SeveralExpand
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The leafy liverwort genus Lejeunea (Porellales, Jungermanniopsida) in Miocene Dominican amber
Lejeunea is a morphologically diverse subcosmopolitan genus of predominantly epiphytic leafy liverworts. We describe three Lejeunea fossils preserved in Miocene Dominican amber, Lejeunea hamatilobaExpand
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The Role of the Reflexive-Conditioned Motivating Operation (CMO-R) During Discrete Trial Instruction of Children With Autism
The principle of motivation has resurfaced as an independent variable in the field of behavior analysis over the past 20 years.The increased interest is the result of refinements of the concept ofExpand
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A double barrier memristive device
We present a quantum mechanical memristive Nb/Al/Al2O3/NbxOy/Au device which consists of an ultra-thin memristive layer (NbxOy) sandwiched between an Al2O3 tunnel barrier and a Schottky-like contact.Expand
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