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The physicochemical properties of hydrogels can be manipulated in both space and time through the controlled application of a light beam. However, methods for hydrogel photopatterning either fail to maintain the bioactivity of fragile proteins and are thus limited to short peptides, or have been used in hydrogels that often do not support three-dimensional(More)
Preface This 2008 document revises existing guidelines and supersedes all prior editions. It is based both on a review of the current literature regarding fungi (mold) and on comments from a review panel consisting of experts in the fields of mycology/microbiology, environmental health sciences, environmental/occupational medicine, industrial hygiene, and(More)
Cereals are among the most competitive of crops, but under organic management, weeds remain the foremost production problem. Understanding the ecology of both weeds and cereals is paramount to developing non-chemical strategies that limit yield loss due to weeds whilst suppressing weed growth and weed seed deposition. Key mechanisms for weed management(More)
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