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Age is characterized by deficits in synaptic function identified by decreased performance of aged animals in spatial learning tasks and reduced ability of animals to sustain long term potentiation (LTP). Several cellular and molecular events are correlated with these deficits, many of which are indicative of age-related neuroinflammatory and oxidative cell(More)
Pedestrian accidents are a serious health risk to children in the UK and other Western countries. There remains a considerable amount to be learned about children's behaviour in real-traffic environments. The present study was intended to help fill this gap, by observing unobtrusively the behaviours of 123 adult-child pairs as they crossed the road at(More)
As are all women, lesbians are influenced by Western society's expectations of what a woman should look like. However, they are also influenced by the lesbian subculture. One of the author's aims was to explore how the sociocultural contexts in which lesbians belong influence their perceptions of body image. She purposively selected 20 lesbians and used(More)
BACKGROUND Parkinson's disease (PD) can have substantial effects not only on the quality of life of those diagnosed with the condition but also upon the informal carers who provide support and assistance to them. However, to date no well-validated carer specific quality of life measure has been developed for carers of people with PD. OBJECTIVE This paper(More)
In view of the increase in the aging population and the unavoidable parallel increase in the incidence of age-related neurodegenerative diseases, a key challenge in neuroscience is the identification of clinical signatures which change with age and impact on neuronal and cognitive function. Early diagnosis offers the possibility of early therapeutic(More)
We compared the neuropathological changes of 6 patients with clinically diagnosed lobar dementia. In the 4 patients with histopathology consistent with frontotemporal dementia (FTD), moderate neuronal loss contrasted with marked cortical and subcortical gliosis. We found silver-positive, carbohydrate-rich, spheroidal enlargements of presynaptic terminals(More)
The quality of life (QoL) of informal caregivers can be adversely affected by a number of factors. This issue, however, has not been well explored for carers of people with Parkinson's (PwP), with research largely restricted to the assessment of caregiver burden and caregiver strain. This study aims to determine the main influences on carer QoL in this(More)
OBJECTIVE The effects of a cognitive-behavioral weight control intervention were compared in two independent-living, older adult (mean age = 70.5 years) communities. DESIGN The research design compared the experimental community (n = 163), which received the intervention, with the control community (n = 162). SUBJECTS Overweight individuals (> 4.5 kg of(More)
Social networks are believed to affect health-related behaviors and health. Data to examine the links between social relationships and health in low- and middle-income country settings are limited. We provide guidance for introducing an instrument to collect social network data as part of epidemiological surveys, drawing on experience in urban India. We(More)
BACKGROUND With an ageing population and increasing demands on health and social care services, there is growing importance attached to the management of long-term conditions, including maximizing the cost-effectiveness of treatments. In line with this, there is increasing emphasis on the need to keep people both active and participating in daily life.(More)