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The biomechanics of human ribs: material and structural properties from dynamic tension and bending tests.
The purpose of this study was to quantify both the tensile material properties and structural response of human ribs in order to determine which variables contribute to regional variation in theExpand
Reliability Data Analysis for Life Test Experiments with Subsampling
We provide a new, yet simple, analysis technique for reliability data from designed experiments containing subsampling. Expand
Reliability Data Analysis for Life Test Designed Experiments with Sub-Sampling
We provide a Weibull nonlinear mixed models (NLLMs) methodology for incorporating random effects in the analysis of reliability life test data. Expand
A Cautionary Tale: Small Sample Size Concerns for Grouped Lifetime Data
ABSTRACT Often, lifetime data come from experiments where failure times are grouped. The Weibull distribution is a popular distribution for modeling failure times. Maximum likelihood estimation (MLE)Expand
Analysis of Reliability Experiments with Random Blocks and Subsampling
We propose a nonlinear mixed-model analysis for reliability experiments with random blocks and subsampling. Expand
A Practitioner's Guide to Analyzing Reliability Experiments with Random Blocks and Subsampling
ABSTRACT Reliability experiments provide important information regarding the life of a product, including how various factors affect product life. Current analyses of reliability data usually assumeExpand
A Tutorial on the Planning of Experiments
This tutorial guides the quality practitioner through the basic procedures for planning experiments within the context of the scientific method. Expand
The Evaluation of Median-Rank Regression and Maximum Likelihood Estimation Techniques for a Two-Parameter Weibull Distribution
ABSTRACT Practitioners frequently model failure times in reliability analysis via the Weibull distribution. Often risk managers must make decisions after only a few failures. Thus, an importantExpand