Laura J Rovetto

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In this experimental phase equilibrium study, we show for the first time that it is possible to stabilize structure sH of hydrogen clathrate hydrate with the help of some selected promoters. It was established that the formation pressures of these systems are significantly higher than that of structure sII of hydrogen clathrate hydrate when tetrahydrofuran(More)
Program Scope Clathrate hydrates are inclusion compounds in which guest molecules occupy the cages formed by a hydrogen-bonded water network [1]. Solid gas clathrate hydrates generally form at high pressures and temperatures near or even above the ice point. Pure hydrogen hydrates have been reported to form cubic structure II hydrates under extreme(More)
The objective of this work is to study the binary He-THF hydrate with both experimental and theoretical approaches. Experimental data for the hydrate equilibrium at pressures up to 12.6 MPa are reported for the binary He-THF hydrate with stoichiometric THF composition (i.e., 5.56 mol % THF). These data are used to calibrate a thermodynamic model [J. Phys.(More)
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