Laura J. Moore

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Coastal dunes, in particular foredunes, support a resilient ecosystem and reduce coastal vulnerability to storms. In contrast to dry desert dunes, coastal dunes arise from interactions between biological and physical processes. Ecologists have traditionally addressed coastal ecosystems by assuming that they adapt to preexisting dune topography, whereas(More)
a Department of Environmental Sciences, University of Virginia, 291 McCormick Rd, PO Box 400123, Charlottesville, VA 22904-4123, USA b Department of Geological Sciences, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, 104 South Road, Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3315, USA c Department of Biology, Virginia Commonwealth University, 1000 West Cary Street, Richmond, VA(More)
Rapid-flow resonance Raman spectra of the primary electron donor (a bacteriochlorophyll dimer known as P) and of the monomeric accessory bacteriochlorophylls (B) in the bacterial photosynthetic reaction center of Rb. spkaeroides have been obtained a t 5 O C . The spectra were obtained using a shifted excitation Raman difference technique with excitation a t(More)
Resonance Raman spectra and absolute Raman scattering intensities of the Franck-Condon coupled vibrational modes of the accessory bacteriochlorophylls (B) in the photosynthetic reaction center from Rb. sphaeroides have been obtained with excitation in their 800 nm Qy absorption band. Although the relative Raman intensities are unchanged when the temperature(More)
Qy-excited resonance Raman spectra of the accessory bacteriochlorophylls (B), the bacteriopheophytins (H), and the primary electron donor (P) in the bacterial photosynthetic reaction center (RC) of Rhodobacter sphaeroides have been obtained at 95 and 278 K. Frequency and intensity differences are observed in the low-frequency region of the P vibrational(More)
Dimerization of the global anaerobic transcription factor FNR is essential for FNR activity. Under aerobic conditions FNR is an inactive monomeric species because it lacks the oxygen labile [4Fe-4S] cluster required for dimerization. In this study, we investigated the protein side chains that inhibit FNR dimerization under aerobic conditions. Substitution(More)
The electronic absorption line shape and Stark spectrum of the lowest energy Q(y)() transition of the special pair in bacterial reaction centers contain a wealth of information on mixing with charge transfer states and electronic asymmetry. Both vary greatly in mutants that perturb the chemical composition of the special pair, such as the heterodimer(More)
The magnitudes of inter-chromophore interactions in bacterial photosynthetic reaction centers are investigated by measuring absorption and Stark spectra of reaction centers in which monomeric chromophores are modified and in a novel triplet mutant which lacks the special pair. The circular dichroism spectrum of the triple mutant reaction center was also(More)
The dynamics of calcium metabolism in the human infant were determined using stable isotopes of calcium as tracers. Two isotopes, one given intravenously and the other orally were used. Tracer time-dependent dilutions were measured with high accuracy and precision using thermal ionization mass spectrometry. Similar studies were performed in infant rhesus(More)