Laura Horvath

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The authors report and discuss four rare cases of primary, giant cell tumor of the cranial vault, a usually benign tumor that develops in young patients and has an extremely low rate of latent malignancy. The authors believe the preferred treatment to be total surgical removal of the tumor; only in rare cases of malignancy when the tumor is impossible to(More)
We undertook this project to integrate context sensitive computer-based educational and decision making aids into the film interpretation and reporting process, and to determine the clinical utility of this method as a guide for further system development. An image database of 347 digital mammography images was assembled and image features were coded. An(More)
This paper concerns two cases of cerebral oligodendroglioma (intraventricular in one case, right temporal in the other), with spinal dissemination (cervical and upper thoracic respectively), manifested clinically 2 years and 14 months respectively after removal of the cerebral tumour. Anatomical examination confirmed the diagnosis of disseminated(More)
Two cases of tumours of the sellar and suprasellar region in children, manifested clinically by visual and endocrine disturbances, are reported. In both cases surgical removal of the intracranial tumour was performed. The histological diagnosis was central ganglioneuroma, an extremely rare tumour in children. Also worthy of note was the altogether(More)