Laura Hoemeke

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The home is the setting where many vector-borne diseases are transmitted. Strategies for their control consequently have to involve the active participation of householders. In this paper we propose that low rates of participation in control activities frequently are related to the negative impact they have on women's power and authority within the domestic(More)
Adil Haider • John W. Scott • Colin D. Gause • Mira Meheš • Grace Hsiung • Albulena Prelvukaj • Dana Yanocha • Lauren M. Baumann • Faheem Ahmed • Na’eem Ahmed • Sara Anderson • Herve Angate • Lisa Arfaa • Horacio Asbun • Tigistu Ashengo • Kisembo Asuman • Ruben Ayala • Stephen Bickler • Saul Billingsley • Peter Bird • Matthijs Botman • Marilyn Butler • Jo(More)
After decades on the margins of primary health care, surgical and anaesthesia care is gaining increasing priority within the global development arena. The 2015 publications of the Disease Control Priorities third edition on Essential Surgery and the Lancet Commission on Global Surgery created a compelling evidenced-based argument for the fundamental role of(More)
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