Laura H. McArthur

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Male albino rats, trained to eat over a 3-h period, reduced their food intake from 0.38 +/- 0.04 g of a low-protein diet to 0.14 +/- 0.03 g of a high-protein diet, within 1 min following diet presentation. Since this occurred before the metabolic effects of a high-protein diet should be seen, we suggest that, although neophobia could play a role, poor(More)
Using survey methodology, this exploratory study examined the attitudinal and perceptual dimensions of body image among 1,272 eighth- and ninth-grade males and females from higher and lower socioeconomic backgrounds in Buenos Aires, Argentina (n = 195), Guatemala City, Guatemala (n = 212), Havana, Cuba (n = 213), Lima, Peru (n = 218), Panama City, Panama (n(More)
OBJECTIVES Because of their youth, adolescent parents often lack the interpersonal skills necessary to manage the relationship challenges involved in parenting, leaving them and their children vulnerable to the health risks associated with relational stress and conflict. The primary goal of this study was to test the efficacy of the Young Parenthood Program(More)
Using survey methodology, this study assessed the nutrition-related knowledge and attitudes of nursing (n = 54), physical therapy (n = 48), and fitness (n = 62) students. The mean scores on the nutrition knowledge test were 21 points (SD 3.8 points, range 8 to 28 points) for nursing, 21 points (SD 3.0 points, range 15 to 27 points) for physical therapy, and(More)
A study estimating the extent to which the reading level of HIV educational brochures matches the reading ability (measured by educational attainment) of women attending public family planning clinics in Virginia shows that the mean reading level of the brochures sampled is grade 9.9. The educational attainment of 18% of Virginia family planning clients(More)
North Carolina has one of the fastest growing populations of Hispanic immigrants in the U.S. The prevalence of overweight among Hispanic children in the state has increased to 17%. Therefore, the objectives of this descriptive, exploratory study were to identify potential risk factors for childhood overweight at the household level among 128 immigrant(More)
This exploratory study interviewed 130 participants in federal food assistance programs and 51 low-income nonparticipants to assess their behaviors and attitudes toward and awareness of the nutrition label. Regarding label use, 35.4 percent of participants and 45.1 percent of nonparticipants seldom/never read labels while grocery shopping, 31.5 percent of(More)
OBJECTIVES To assess sex/race differences on psychosocial correlates of physical activity among college students. METHODS Survey research protocol. RESULTS Students (n=636) exercised an average of 3.5 days per week, with black females being the least active. Across subgroups, health/fitness was rated as the most important motive for exercise, followed(More)
Preference for an odor associated with protein is only seen in protein-deprived rats. We hypothesized that rats depleted of the amino acid threonine (THR) would prefer a flavored solution paired with a THR replete diet. Rats were given a flavored drink paired with THR-deficient (DEV) diet followed by a second flavor paired with a corrected (COR) diet. In(More)