Laura Grigoletti

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This study aimed to identify services-related and area-based measures together with socio-demographic factors that could improve diagnosis-related groups in explaining length of stay variability in general hospital psychiatric units in Veneto Region (North East of Italy). Data were collected from the regional hospital discharge records database. A(More)
Providing care to individuals with complex mental health needs can be stressful. However, little research has focused on the emotional, cognitive, and physical consequences of providing mental health care. The aim of this study is to assess burnout (BO), compassion fatigue (CF) and compassion satisfaction (CS) among staff at the four community-based mental(More)
BACKGROUND Most mortality studies of psychiatric patients published to date have been conducted in hospital-based systems of care. This paper describes a study of the causes of death and associated risk factors among psychiatric patients who were followed up over a 20-year period in an area where psychiatric care is entirely provided by community-based(More)
BACKGROUND Previous studies have attempted to forecast the costs of mental health care, using clinical and individual variables; the inclusion of ecological measures could improve the knowledge of predictors of psychiatric service utilisation and costs to support clinical and strategic decision-making. METHODS Using a Psychiatric Case Register (PCR), all(More)
UNLABELLED In the latest years, mental hospitals have gradually been replaced by a community-based network of facilities, including non-hospital residential facilities (RFs). Little information is still available about their costs. Our aims were to estimate the costs of Italian RFs and to evaluate which factors affect the cost of RFs and their patients. (More)
Cancer mortality data allow assessing, at the same time, the risk of developing the disease and the quality of care provided to patients after the oncologic diagnosis. This study explores the risk of death caused by a single tumor site in a psychiatric population treated in a community-based psychiatric service. All patients with an ICD-10 psychiatric(More)
In Georgia, difficult socioeconomic conditions have resulted in a drastic decrease in government financing for the health sector. State mental hospitals continue to be the main solution for the mentally ill, due to the severe lack of community-based services, and mental health services are inadequate to meet the needs of patients. An experimental(More)
AIMS To obtain a new, well-balanced mental health funding system, through the creation of (i) a list of psychiatric interventions provided by Italian Community-based Psychiatric Services (CPS), and associated costs; (ii) a new prospective funding system for patients with a high use of resources, based on packages of care. METHODS Five Italian(More)
AIMS To investigate the prevalence of psychotherapy intervention in five Italian Centres for Mental Health. Analysing sociodemographic characteristics, geographical differences, frequencies of psychotherapy interventions, and the costs of these interventions. METHODS Five Italian Community-based Psychiatric Services collected data from 1250 patients(More)
AIM To develop predictive models to allocate patients into frequent and low service users groups within the Italian Community-based Mental Health Services (CMHSs). To allocate frequent users to different packages of care, identifying the costs of these packages. METHODS Socio-demographic and clinical data and GAF scores at baseline were collected for 1250(More)