Laura Griffith

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This paper (Part I) and its companion paper (Part II) provide an overview of the primary prevention of child maltreatment. Part I reviews the effectiveness of interventions aimed at the primary prevention of child physical abuse and neglect. Prospective controlled trials published between January 1979 and May 1993 were systematically identified. The quality(More)
BACKGROUND The mechanism of the antidepressant action of electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) remains unknown. Based on previous work with antidepressant drugs and their effects on the noradrenergic system, we undertook this study to further determine the effects of ECT on selected indices of peripheral adrenoceptor function in depressed patients. METHODS(More)
OBJECTIVE The global prevalence of non-communicable diseases (NCDs), such as diabetes mellitus and coronary heart disease, continues to rise. Internationally, people of South Asian origin (i.e. by birth or heritage) are much more likely to develop and live with NCDs compared to the general population. The South Asian diaspora population is highly(More)
OBJECTIVES The main objectives of the study were to explore the experiences of primary care professionals providing care to recent migrants in a superdiverse city and to elicit barriers and facilitators to meeting migrants' care needs. This paper focuses on a strong emergent theme: participants' descriptions and understandings of creating a fit between(More)
This paper (Part II) and the previous paper (Part I) provide an overview of the primary prevention of child maltreatment. Part II focuses on the effectiveness of interventions aimed at the primary prevention of child sexual abuse. It includes prospective controlled trials published between January 1979 and May 1993. These studies were systematically(More)
Ethnic inequalities in experiences of mental health care persist in the UK, although most evidence derives from in-patient settings. We aimed to explore service users’ and carers’ accounts of recent episodes of severe mental illness and of the care received in a multi-cultural inner city. We sought to examine factors impacting on these experiences,(More)
We examined 470 fatal occupational accidents in Ontario, 1986-1989, that met eligibility criteria. Homicides and most accidents on public roads were excluded. Information was obtained from coroners' files and records of the provincial Ministry of Labour. Levels of alcohol likely to produce impairment were found in six subjects (2% of the two-thirds of(More)
Supersensitivity to light in depression has been observed with both neuroendocrine and ophthalmological assessment methods. The biological defect underlying this abnormality may be localized in either the photoreceptors, the retinal pigmented epithelium, or some interaction of the two. The present study assessed responses of the retinal pigmented epithelium(More)
BACKGROUND Group-based children's weight management programmes are widely available in the UK and evidence shows that these are effective in the short-term. No programmes have been specifically developed to meet the cultural requirements of UK minority ethnic communities. South Asian children are a high-risk group for obesity and its consequences;(More)
BACKGROUND Currently there is great interest in antibiotic prescribing practices in the UK, but little is known about the experiences of the increasing numbers of recent migrants (those present in the UK for >1 year but <5 years) registered at GP practices. Qualitative research has suggested that reasons for not prescribing antibiotics may not be clearly(More)