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The main purpose of this paper is the construction of explicit Gauss-Turán quadrature formulas: they are relative to some classes of weight functions, which have the peculiarity that the corresponding s-orthogonal polynomials, of the same degree, are independent of s. These weights too are introduced and discussed here. Moreover, highest-precision(More)
Few data are available on the seroprevalence of antibodies to Bartonella henselae among children. We retrospectively evaluated the presence of immunoglobulin G and M class antibodies to B. henselae in 508 children living in central Italy who were apparently free of any features suggesting B. henselae infection. We found that B. henselae infection is common(More)
Bartonella spp cause various clinical syndromes immunocompetent and immunocompromised hosts. Domestic cats are the natural reservoir, and vectors of B henselae. B henselae infection usually occurs early in childhood, is generally asymptomatic, and in most cases revolves spontaneously. It may, however, produce a wide spectrum of clinical symptoms, the most(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the outcome of giant cell hepatitis combined with autoimmune hemolytic anemia in early childhood. STUDY DESIGN We report on 16 children with this disease evaluated over a 28-year period. RESULTS Children (nine boys; median age, 6 months) presented with jaundice, hepatomegaly, elevated aminotransferases, a positive Coombs test, and(More)
This is the first report of Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS) related to Bartonella henselae infection. A 10-year-old girl had difficulty walking and marked myalgia. The search for all causes known to trigger GBS was negative. She was treated with intravenous immunoglobulins and recovered. Because she lived in a rural area and had a history of kitten contact, a(More)
It is shown how recent ideas on rational Gauss-type quadrature rules can be extended to Gauss-Kronrod, Gauss-Turr an, and Cauchy principal value quadrature rules. Numerical examples illustrate the advantages in accuracy thus achievable. 0. Introduction The idea of constructing quadrature rules that are exact for rational functions with prescribed poles,(More)
We discuss quadrature formulae of highest algebraic degree of precision for integration of functions of one or many variables which are based on non-standard data, i.e., in which the information used is different from the standard sampling of function values. Among the examples given in this survey is a quadrature formula for integration over the disk,(More)
Recently, linear positive operators of Bernstein–Schoenberg type, relative to B-splines bases, have been considered. The properties of these operators are derived mainly from the total positivity of normalized B-spline bases. In this paper we shall construct a generalization of the operator considered in [15] by means of normalized totally positive bases(More)