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The effects of diets including restructured meats (RM) containing Wakame or Nori on total liver glutathione status, and several antioxidant enzyme gene expressions and activities were tested. Six(More)
Zucker fa/fa rats easily develop dyslipidemia and obesity. Restructured pork (RP) is a suitable matrix for including functional ingredients. The effects of glucomannan- RP or glucomannan plus(More)
Type 2 diabetes is a very prevalent chronic disease. Among dietary factors for its prevention and treatment, interest has grown in satiating fibre (konjac glucomannan) and spirulina. Our previous(More)
There is a general assumption that seaweeds are hypocholesterolemics and antioxidants. However, controversial results suggest specific properties for each individual alga. This study aims to assess(More)
Glucomannan-enriched squid surimi improves cholesterolemia and liver antioxidant status. The effect of squid surimi enriched with glucomannan or glucomannan plus spirulina on liver and heart(More)
BACKGROUND Inclusion of seaweeds in restructured pork (RP) would improve meat health properties. AIM The aim was to determine the effects of RP containing Himanthalia elongata on growth, organ(More)