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Morphological diversity of benthic Nostocales (Cyanoprokaryota/Cyanobacteria) from the tropical rocky shores of Huatulco region, Oaxaca, México
Five of the eight special morphotypes from six localities described and discussed in this paper, are new reports for the tropical Mexican coast and the other three extend their known distribution.
Nunduva, a new marine genus of Rivulariaceae (Nostocales, Cyanobacteria) from marine rocky shores
A new genus and four species are proposed for members of this distinctive clade of cyanobacteria, Nunduva fasciculata gen. nov, based on molecular data for other cyanob bacteria within the rivulariacean clade, which shows more pronounced tapering.
A bridge too far in naming species: a total evidence approach does not support recognition of four species in Desertifilum (Cyanobacteria)
A population of Desertifilum from an oligotrophic desertic biotope was isolated and characterized using a polyphasic approach including molecular, morphological, and ecological information, and phylogenetic analyses placed this strain clearly within the type species, D. tharense.
Phylogenetic position reevaluation of Kyrtuthrix and description of a new species K. huatulcensis from Mexico´s Pacific coast
Based on the evidence gathered in this study, inclusion of Kyrtuthrix within the Rivulariaceae, rather than the Scytonemataceae, is fully supported.
Two new species of Phyllonema (Rivulariaceae, Cyanobacteria) with an emendation of the genus
Two untapered, heterocytous species were observed and collected from the intertidal and supratidal zones of the Mexican coastline of the Pacific Ocean near Oaxaca and from the Gulf of Mexico and indicated that they were sister taxa to the epiphyllic, Brazilian species Phyllonema aveceniicola in the Rivulariaceae.
Hassallia littoralis sp. nov. (Cyanobacteria, Microchaetaceae) from Mexico’s marine supralittoral based on morphological and molecular evidence
A new species of Hassallia (Cyanobacteria, Nostocales, Microchaetaceae) from a supralittoral tropical marine biotope is described. Hassallia littoralis is a false-branched nostocalean cyanobacterium
When will taxonomic saturation be achieved? A case study in Nunduva and Kyrtuthrix (Rivulariaceae, Cyanobacteria)
Two new species of Nunduva and Kyrtuthrix are characterized and described from the coasts of Mexico and Morphological differences between all existing species in these two genera were observed, but the group is morphologically complex, and these taxa are considered pseudocryptic.
Description of coccoid cyanoprokaryote Nisada stipitata morphogen . et sp . nov . from the supralittoral zone in the tropical Mexican Pacific
A distinctive morphotype consisting of an epilithic, one-layered colony of polarized, 1–3-celled pseudofilaments was recognized in the rocky shores of the state of Oaxaca in the Mexican tropical Pacific and is described in the proposal of the morphogenus Nisada gen .