Laura Geier

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Research suggests that duration of deafness prior to cochlear implantation affects postoperative speech recognition in adults. Duration of deafness usually is defined as the number of years between the onset of profound deafness and implantation. The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of duration of deafness--expressed as percentage of life(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the speech performance of children with the Clarion Multi-Strategy Cochlear Implant. PATIENTS Prelingually deafened children who had received the Clarion implant. METHODS The Spondee and Monosyllable Word Identification subtest of the Early Speech Perception test, the Glendonald Auditory Screening Procedure (GASP), and the(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the auditory skills in everyday situations of prelingually deafened children with Clarion cochlear implants compared with hearing aids used preoperatively. STUDY DESIGN The Meaningful Auditory Integration Scale (MAIS) was used to determine the preoperative and postoperative auditory skills of the children. RESULTS AND DISCUSSION(More)
entwickelten Prototypen simuliert. 1 Einführung Als hybrides Produkt wird ein Leistungsbündel bezeichnet, welches aus aufeinander abgestimmten Produkten und Dienstleistungen besteht und als besonderes Kennzei-chen die Integration der Teilleistungen aufweist, um ein Kundenproblem zu lösen [1]. Dadurch kann der Wert hybrider Produkte die Summe der Werte der(More)
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