Laura Gatti

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The plasma membrane enzyme gamma-glutamyltransferase (GGT) is regarded as critical for the maintenance of intracellular levels of glutathione (GSH). GGT expression has been implicated in drug resistance through elevation of intracellular GSH. The dependence of intracellular GSH on GGT expression was not conclusively ascertained. The present study was(More)
Multinuclear platinum compounds have been designed to circumvent the cellular resistance to conventional platinum-based drugs. In an attempt to examine the cellular basis of the preclinical antitumor efficacy of a novel multinuclear platinum compound (BBR 3464) in the treatment of cisplatin-resistant tumors, we have performed a comparative study of(More)
Ovarian cancer is the main cause of death from gynaecological malignancies. In spite of the efficacy of platinum-paclitaxel treatment in patients with primary epithelial ovarian carcinoma, platinum-based chemotherapy is not curative and resistance remains one of the most important causes of treatment failure. Although ABC transporters have been implicated(More)
PURPOSE Oligodeoxynucleotides containing unmethylated CpG motifs (CpG-ODN) are potent activators of innate and adaptive immunity. Recognition of CpG-ODN is mediated by Toll-like receptor 9 expressed by immune cells, endothelial and epithelial cells, and fibroblasts. We examined the antitumor effect of CpG-ODN and the role of administration route on human(More)
BACKGROUND The ubiquitin(Ub)-proteasome pathway is implicated in the regulation of a variety of cellular functions and plays a major role in stress response in eukaryotic cells, by targeting misfolded and damaged proteins for degradation. In addition, in the presence of DNA damage, the Ub-proteasome system regulates proteins involved in sensing, repairing,(More)
Target-specific agents used in melanoma are not curative, and chemokines are being implicated in drug-resistance to target-specific agents. Thus, the use of conventional agents in rationale combinations may result in optimization of therapy. Because histone deacetylases participate in tumor development and progression, the combination of the pan-inhibitor(More)
Metastasis is the main reason for lung cancer-related mortality, but little is known about specific determinants of successful dissemination from primary tumors and metastasis initiation. Here, we show that CD133(+)/CXCR4(+) cancer-initiating cells (CIC) directly isolated from patient-derived xenografts (PDX) of non-small cell lung cancer are endowed with(More)
The fission yeast Schizosaccharomyces pombe and the budding yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae have become valuable tools for the study of basic cellular functions of eukaryotic cells, including DNA repair mechanisms and cell cycle control. Since the major signaling pathways and cellular processes involved in cellular response to cytotoxic agents are conserved(More)
TriplatinNC is a highly positively charged, substitution-inert derivative of the phase II clinical anticancer drug, BBR3464. Such substitution-inert complexes form a distinct subset of polynuclear platinum complexes (PPCs) interacting with DNA and other biomolecules through noncovalent interactions. Rapid cellular entry is facilitated via interaction with(More)
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