Laura Gagliardi

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To investigate the prognostic implications of DNA flow cytometry in human lung tumors, we analyzed specimens from patients with neoplastic and non-neoplastic lung disease. Most non-neoplastic and normal (taken at the resection border) lung samples yielded a single cell population with diploid DNA content (only two normal lung specimens from two cancer(More)
From 1958 to 1987, 81 cases of pregnancy-related acute renal failure (PR-ARF) were observed (9% of the total number of acute renal failure [ARF] needing dialysis). In the three successive ten-year periods (1958-67, 1968-77, 1978-87) the incidence of PR-ARF fell from 43% to 2.8% with respect to the total number of ARF, and from 1/3,000 to 1/15,000 with(More)
Two groups of pregnant diabetic women, fifteen with type I and fourteen with type II diabetes, were randomly assigned either to CSII or to ICT and the subgroups compared with respect to glycaemic control, insulin requirement and perinatal out-come. Ten non-diabetic pregnant women served as controls for the variations in the metabolic parameters considered(More)
In this paper, we identify the most efficient decay and isomerization route of the S(1), T(1), and S(0) states of azobenzene. By use of quantum chemical methods, we have searched for the transition states (TS) on the S(1) potential energy surface and for the S(0)/S(1) conical intersections (CIs) that are closer to the minimum energy path on the S(1). We(More)
Exhaled nitric oxide (ENO) has been proposed as a marker of airway inflammation in asthma and could be useful to evaluate the response to anti-inflammatory treatment. We investigated the effect of budesonide and nedocromil sodium on ENO levels and lung function in asthmatic children. Twenty stable steroid-naïve asthmatic children were randomized in a single(More)
Recent advances in computational actinide chemistry are reported in this tutorial review. Muticonfigurational quantum chemical methods have been employed to study the gas phase spectroscopy of small actinide molecules. Examples of actinide compounds studied in solution are also presented. Finally the multiple bond in the diuranium molecule and other(More)
Classically, late transition-metal organometallic compounds promote multielectron processes solely through the change in oxidation state of the metal centre. In contrast, uranium typically undergoes single-electron chemistry. However, using redox-active ligands can engage multielectron reactivity at this metal in analogy to transition metals. Here we show(More)
A dicobalt complex catalyzes N2 silylation with Me3SiCl and KC8 under 1 atm N2 at ambient temperature. Tris(trimethylsilyl)amine is formed with an initial turnover rate of 1 N(TMS)3/min, ultimately reaching a turnover number of ∼200. The dicobalt species features a metal-metal interaction, which we postulate is important to its function. Although N2(More)
Results are presented from a theoretical study of the lower electronic states of the CUO molecule. Multiconfigurational wave functions have been used with dynamic correlation added using second order perturbation theory. Extended basis sets have been used, which for uranium were contracted including scalar relativistic effects. Spin orbit interaction has(More)