Laura Florentina Cacovean

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In this paper is presented an update of the model checker CTL. The minimal modifications which appear represent the fundamental concept for model the dynamic system. In the paper used five primitive operations discompose from the operation of a CTL update used already by [1] which are presented their approach of knowledge update the structures of single(More)
The static properties of BDI systems can be considered extensions of CTL logics. This type of logic will be model the mental state of agent. The logic is extended by defining additional connectors and operators. We present in this paper the mental BDI agents whose behavior is conduct by beliefs, desires, intentions, and decisions. The case study addresses(More)
Although, direct economic information's are, in general, difficult to obtain through reason connected of confidentialities. Currently is observe the relation cost-benefit in the case of the using the software engineering reliability can be from one to six or upwards. More, the software engineering reliability it was credited with the incidents abatement(More)
In this paper we present a new CTL model checking tool used to prove whether a CTL model represented as a directed graph satisfies a set of specifications given in form of one or more temporal logic formulas. Our tool is implemented in client-server paradigm: CTL Designer, the client tool, allows an interactive construction of the Kripke model as a directed(More)
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