Laura Fletcher

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A preference to name stereotypically masculine before stereotypically feminine individuals explains why men are typically named before women, as on the Internet, for example (Study 1). Heterosexual couples are named with men's names first more often when such couples are imagined to conform to gender stereotypes (Studies 2 and 3). First-named partners of(More)
The effective functioning of cybersecurity incident response teams (CSIRTs) is critical for the protection of digital information used by individuals and organizations around the world. However, because CSIRTs are a relatively new type of team, what is known about improving their effectiveness isn't as fully developed as it is for other teams with a richer(More)
Dit proefschrift is goedgekeurd door de promotor: Part I Clinical Studies 9 2 Continuous EEG monitoring for early prediction of neuro-logical outcome in postanoxic patients after cardiac arrest: A prospective cohort study 11 3 Burst-suppression with identical bursts: a distinct EEG pattern with poor outcome in postanoxic coma 31 4 EEG predicts outcome in(More)
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