Laura Fleming

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Survival of patients on renal-replacement therapy (RRT) is no longer improving. Increasingly, such patients are older and have co-morbid conditions affecting organs other than the kidney. In a retrospective study, we calculated actuarial survival of 375 patients starting RRT during a 6 1/2 year period at renal units in Aberdeen and Dundee, UK, after(More)
nerves it moves predominantly in a distal direction if the endoneurial spaces are patent. (1951). A rapid method for clinical total blood volume determination using radioactive iodinated human serum albumin (RIHSA). The blood flow through the human calf during rhythmic exercise. The spread of a neurotropic strain of herpes virus in the cerebrospinal axis of(More)
A configuration management system is discussed. Topics include static and dynamic configurations, hiermchical configuration specificatio~ and release management. Attention is given to the most common configuration management problems faced by design teams and how the system addresses them. ~ Introduction The complexity of state-of-the-art electxortic(More)
The casual conversational style used by the students on any front stage environment can educate extensively about their learning process. The collection of data from such an open environment can bring out many important and unknown factors about students' behaviour, their opinions, their feelings their concerns pertaining to their educational system. The(More)
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