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Abnormal N-methyl-d-aspartate receptor (NMDAR) function has been implicated in the pathophysiology of schizophrenia. d-serine is an important NMDAR modulator, and to elucidate the role of the d-serine synthesis enzyme serine racemase (Srr) in schizophrenia, we identified and characterized mice with an ENU-induced mutation that results in a complete loss of(More)
BACKGROUND Non-pharmacological behavioural adjuncts have been suggested as efficient safe means in reducing discomfort and adverse effects during medical procedures. We tested this assumption for patients undergoing percutaneous vascular and renal procedures in a prospective, randomised, single-centre study. METHODS 241 patients were randomised to receive(More)
The hypothalamus is the control center for most physiological processes; yet has been difficult to study due to the inherent heterogeneity of this brain region. For this reason, researchers have turned towards cell models. Primary hypothalamic cultures are difficult to maintain, are heterogeneous neuronal and glial cell populations and often contain a(More)
The distinct lack of cell lines derived from the adult brain is evident. Ciliary neurotrophic factor (CNTF) triggers neurogenesis in primary culture from adult mouse hypothalamus, as detected by bromodeoxyuridine and Ki67 immunostaining. Using SV-40 T-antigen, we immortalized dividing neurons and generated clonal cell lines expressing neuropeptides and(More)
The gut peptide ghrelin is expressed within neurons of the hypothalamus. Using a hypothalamic cell line, mHypoE-38 neurons, the effect of insulin on preproghrelin gene expression was assayed. These cells contain neuron-specific markers, preproghrelin and the insulin receptor. We determined that insulin has direct effects on preproghrelin gene expression.(More)
Rapid assessment of patient anxiety is necessary to insure quality care. A number of self-report measures provide valid and reliable measures of anxiety. These measures can be time-consuming to complete, however, and may be burdensome to medical patients who are in pain or acute anxiety states. Many medical procedures are performed in conditions in which(More)
The rhythmic expression of specific clock genes: Bmal1, Per2, Clock and Rev-Erbalpha; and specific hypothalamic neuropeptides: NPY, Crh, AgRP, neurotensin and preproghrelin, expressed in clonal hypothalamic neuronal cell lines, was assayed and analyzed using a novel non-linear least squares statistical analysis to determine rhythmicity in an in vitro(More)
—We present a 346 µm 2 reference-free, asynchronous VCO-based sensor interface circuit demonstrated in 28 nm LP bulk CMOS. This design is specifically for sensor node interfaces which do not have the power or volume available for the high accuracy current sources, voltage sources, or low jitter timing references needed for traditional ADCs. By using a(More)
A thickness shear mode acoustic wave sensor has been used to study the reaction of clonal, immortalized hypothalamic murine neurons in response to glucagon and serum shock in a label free, continuous and real time manner under physiological conditions. Two cell lines were examined; these were the mHypoE-38s and the mHypoE-46s. The technique possesses(More)