Laura Fernandes Martin

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Multiple-channel electrical stimulation of the hearing nerve in conjunction with speechreading has helped two post-lingually deaf patients with total hearing losses understand running speech in every day situations. This has been confirmed using open-set phonetically balanced word tests, where the patients achieved 60% and 40% scores with isolated-words,(More)
Three alternative speech coding strategies suitable for use with cochlear implants were compared in a study of three normally hearing subjects using an acoustic model of a multiple-channel cochlear implant. The first strategy (F2) presented the amplitude envelope of the speech and the second formant frequency. The second strategy (F0 F2) included the voice(More)
A multiple-channel cochlear implant and speech processor have been used in two postlingually deaf adult patients with a total hearing loss, to enable them to perceive varying degrees of running speech. The results have veen confirmed with open-set CID everyday sentence tests. Using the implant alone, the patients obtained 8% and 14% scores with prerecorded(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine whether histologic chorioamnionitis is associated with changes in gene expression of TLR-1, -2, -4 and -6, and to describe the localization of these receptors in fetal membranes. STUDY DESIGN A total of 135 amniochorion membranes with or without histologic chorioamnionitis from preterm or term deliveries were included. Fragments of(More)
Two totally deaf patients who had received multiple-channel cochlear implants were tested using a speech "tracking" procedure in which they had to repeat verbatim passages of connected discourse. Their performance was assessed by calculating the tracking rate (words per minute) each session. Testing was carried out under two conditions--lipreading alone and(More)
Development of regional medical care systems to treat patients who sustain major accidental injuries (trauma victims) has been based on autopsy studies which demonstrate that hospitals that meet certain accepted criteria of readiness (trauma centers) can prevent needless deaths of trauma victims. However, since only autopsy data have been available from(More)
Despite the androgenic dependence, other hormones, growth factors, and cytokines are necessary to support prostatic growth and maintain the glandular structure; among them, prolactin is a non-steroidal hormone secreted mainly by the pituitary gland. However, extra-pituitary expression of prolactin, such as in the prostate, has also been demonstrated,(More)