Laura Fernández Silveira

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Fosamprenavir (FPV) efficacy in human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-infected pediatric patients is still being evaluated in ongoing clinical trials. The long-term efficacy and safety of FPV boosted with ritonavir (FPV/r) was evaluated in 20 antiretroviral-naive and antiretroviral-experienced HIV-vertically infected pediatric patients. Analyses of CD4(+)(More)
Introduction Raynaud’s phenomenon (RP) appears to be underestimated in the pediatric population and its prevalence is unknown. However, RP is the earliest and the most common clinical manifestation of diffuse connective tissue diseases. Nailfold capillaroscopy is an easily performed, nontraumatic and low cost technique, with a confirmed role in(More)
Kingella kingae infections have aroused great interest in the last few years because of the increasing number of identified cases. Although considered an emerging pathogen, the increase in diagnosis of these infections can probably be explained by better knowledge of the bacteria, improved microbiological diagnostic techniques and greater awareness among(More)
Introduction Tumour Necrosis Factor (TNF) Receptor-Associated Periodic Syndrome (TRAPS) is an autoinflammatory disease with an autosomal dominant inheritance pattern. Structural mutations in the TNFRSF1A gen tend to have a penetrance higher than 90%, except for p.P46L and p.R92Q variants. The intensity of clinical manifestations in patients with these(More)
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