Laura F Lewis

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At one major urban academic medical center, patients aged 50 years and older with fragility fractures were identified and scheduled or assisted in referral into osteoporosis medical management appointments. We evaluated the efficacy of an active intervention program at overcoming the logistical barriers and improving proper osteoporosis follow-up for(More)
OBJECTIVE To discover the impact of perinatal loss on obstetric nurses. DESIGN In the parent study, obstetric nurses were provided with an open-ended statement asking them to describe in writing the experience of being present during a traumatic childbirth. For this study, a secondary qualitative analysis was performed on those cases in which a perinatal(More)
iv Acknowledgements I would like to sincerely thank all of the individuals who have been a part of my graduate career. First and foremost, many thanks to Nick Vasilopoulos who has been a valuable mentor since day one of the program. I am grateful for his support and instruction over the past years, and I look forward to continuing to work together in the(More)
Many individuals with autism spectrum disorder are not diagnosed until adulthood, yet little is known about their experiences. This descriptive phenomenological study aimed to explore the experience of realizing a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder in adulthood. A purposive sample of 77 adults was asked to describe their experiences of realizing a(More)
One in 68 Americans has autism spectrum disorder (ASD), and diagnosis is often delayed into adulthood in individuals without comorbid intellectual disability. Many undiagnosed adults resort to self-diagnosis. The purpose of this descriptive phenomenology was to explore the experience of realizing a self-diagnosis of ASD among 37 individuals who were not(More)
Several qualitative studies explore the experience of being a partner to an individual with schizophrenia spectrum disorder, but these studies remain isolated "islands of knowledge." This meta-ethnography aimed to synthesize current qualitative studies using Noblit and Hare's method. Thirteen studies were identified for inclusion. Three overarching themes(More)
Millions face the challenges of caregiving for a loved one with dementia. A classic Glaserian grounded theory methodology was used to discover the problem that caregivers of individuals with dementia face at the end of life and how they attempt to resolve that problem. Data were collected from a theoretical sample of 101 participants through in-person(More)