Laura E. Ray

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– The Cool Robot is a four-wheel-drive, solar-powered autonomous vehicle designed to support summertime science campaigns in Antarctica and Greenland. We deployed the robot at Summit Camp, Greenland, during 2005 to validate its power budget and to assess its unique control system that matches solar power input with power demand as the robot drives over(More)
This paper describes the design and fabrication of a low cost, solar powered mobile robot to support a variety of scientific missions on the Antarctic plateau during the austral summer. Key to the overall design is maintaining a lightweight vehicle by using a high strength and stiffness honeycomb-fiberglass composite chassis, custom wheels and drivetrain(More)
– This paper investigates cooperative control for groups of high speed, low cost mobile robots. The control framework, comprised of a global, dynamic path planning and control method and local wheel slip controllers on each robot, is intended to promote ubiquitous and affordable " peek " robot control in situations where rapid response is vital. The(More)
This paper presents a distributed control framework for groups of wheeled mobile robots with significant (non-negligible) vehicle dynamics driving on terrain with variable performance characteristics. A dynamic model of a high-speed robot is developed with attention to representation of wheel-terrain performance characteristics. Using this model, aspects of(More)