Laura E Kohake

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Gabapentin is a γ-aminobutyric acid (GABA) analogue indicated for treatment of neuropathic pain. This study determined the pharmacokinetics of oral (PO) gabapentin alone or in combination with meloxicam in ruminant calves. Gabapentin capsules at 10mg/kg or gabapentin powder (from capsules at 15mg/kg) and meloxicam tablets (0.5mg/kg) were administered PO to(More)
This study examined the pharmacokinetics and analgesic effect of oral meloxicam (MEL) administered alone or in combination with gabapentin (GABA) in an experimental bovine lameness model. Eighteen male British × Continental beef calves aged 4 to 6 mo and weighing 297 to 392 kg were randomly assigned to receive either 1) 0.5 mg/kg lactose monohydrate placebo(More)
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