Laura E. Corina

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PURPOSE This was a radioisotope study of nasal mucociliary clearance of total and subtotal nasal obstruction. METHODS Rhinoscintigraphy was performed by insufflating 1.85 MBq (69 mCi) Tc-99m MAA in 20 patients. Six cases were regarded as the control group, because the presence of small spurs does not affect nasal patency. The remaining 14 patients had(More)
Homing endonucleases typically contain one of four conserved catalytic motifs, and other elements that confer tight DNA binding. I-CreII, which catalyzes homing of the Cr.psbA4 intron, is unusual in containing two potential catalytic motifs, H-N-H and GIY-YIG. Previously, we showed that cleavage by I-CreII leaves ends (2-nt 3' overhangs) that are(More)
After outlining the fundamentals of biomagnetism and their possible clinical applications, the authors report the results of a normative study on auditory magnetic fields performed on 18 normally hearing subjects between the ages of 25 and 30. Having presented a thorough review of the literature, they then describe the recording technique employed, the(More)
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