Laura E. Bach

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BACKGROUND RNA expression analysis of oral keratinocytes can be used to detect early stages of disease such as oral cancer or to monitor on-going treatment responses of the same or other oral diseases. A limitation is the inability to obtain high quality RNA from oral tissue without using biopsies. While oral cytology cell samples can be obtained from(More)
IMPORTANCE Pictorial warnings on cigarette packs draw attention and increase quit intentions, but their effect on smoking behavior remains uncertain. OBJECTIVE To assess the effect of adding pictorial warnings to the front and back of cigarette packs. DESIGN, SETTING, AND PARTICIPANTS This 4-week between-participant randomized clinical trial was carried(More)
BACKGROUND Health warnings may be less effective if they elicit reactance, a motivation to resist a threat to freedom, yet we lack a standard measure of reactance. PURPOSE We sought to validate a new health warning reactance scale in the context of pictorial cigarette pack warnings. METHODS A national sample of adults (n = 1413) responded to reactance(More)
The Message Impact Framework suggests that social interactions may offer smokers the opportunity to process pictorial warnings on cigarette packs more deeply. We aimed to describe adult smokers' social interactions about pictorial cigarette pack warnings in two longitudinal pilot studies. In Pilot Study 1, 30 smokers used cigarette packs with one of nine(More)
BACKGROUND One way to address tobacco use by youth is for primary and secondary schools to adopt and implement comprehensive tobacco policies. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the comprehensiveness of tobacco policies in St. Louis County, Missouri public school districts. METHODS We evaluated the strength of tobacco policies from all 23 public(More)
PURPOSE To assess the key components of smoke-free campaigns that may have influenced voting outcomes in three communities. DESIGN Community case studies with content analysis of tobacco-related newspaper articles. SETTING Three semiurban Missouri communities. SUBJECTS One hundred eighty-one articles referencing tobacco published during the campaigns(More)
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