Laura Drohan

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Defective antigen-presenting cell (APC) function has been hypothesized to contribute to increased infection susceptibility in newborns. We used multiparameter flow cytometry to characterize APC subsets in adult peripheral blood (APB) and cord blood (CB). APB had a higher proportion of CD11c+ dendritic cells (DC), whereas CB mainly contained CD123+ DC. APB(More)
In this report, we review the case of a candidal lens abscess in a premature infant girl who was 28 weeks' gestational age at birth. The culture obtained from the lens abscess grew Candida albicans sensitive to amphotericin B but resistant to flucytosine. This case is unique in that the infant developed a fungal lens cataract at 34 weeks' postconceptional(More)
BACKGROUND Fungal infection can be a significant complication for the critically ill neonate. However, the usefulness of extensive radiologic and ophthalmologic investigations in this population has not been thoroughly elucidated. OBJECTIVE To report the incidence of organ fungal involvement diagnosed by ancillary testing (echocardiogram, ophthalmologic(More)
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