Laura Dill Morton

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Most therapeutic monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) licensed for human use or in clinical development are indicated for treatment of patients with cancer and inflammatory/autoimmune disease and as such, are designed to directly interact with the immune system. A major hurdle for the development and early clinical investigation of many of these immunomodulatory(More)
This study examined the response of the Eker rat to nephrotoxic compounds and to genotoxic nonrenal carcinogens. Groups of male Eker rats received either no treatment; a vehicle treatment; treatment with a noncarcinogenic nephrotoxin (aluminum nitrilotriacetate, 2 mg/kg/day of aluminum, intraperitoneally, 3 days per week or cyclosporine A, 30 mg/kg/day,(More)
An in vitro coincubation assay was used to measure adhesion of radiolabeled Acanthamoeba trophozoites to corneal epithelium. Adhesion of amebae to corneal epithelium was higher at 25 degrees C than at 37 or 4 degrees C, did not consistently correlate with the reported pathogenicity of the strain of Acanthamoeba, and was inhibited by mannose and by(More)
Th e morphologic cha nges in idiopathic epilepsy ar e largely conside red to be the result of epileptic attacks, but th e lesio ns them selves may ca use seizures. Similar lesion s are also in-du ced by hypoxic cond itions.s-' In so me cases , the seiz ure activity and th e conseq uent ischemi c events may play a role in the development oflesion s occurr(More)
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