Laura Dickey

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OBJECTIVES To determine the incidence rate of inpatient stroke-induced aphasia in Ontario, Canada, and to examine the demographic and clinical characteristics for stroke patients with and without aphasia. DESIGN Age- and sex-specific incidence rates for aphasia in Ontario were calculated using the Ontario Stroke Audit. In addition, data collected from the(More)
This study describes changes observed during a 2-year period in participants enrolled in The Solution Method, a developmental skills training program for adult weight management. This intervention is the adult application of a model of treatment previously used only in the management of pediatric obesity (The Shapedown Program). Developmental skills(More)
The triad of situs inversus, bronchiectasis and sinusitis has borne the name of Kartagener since this author in 1933’ collected 11 cases. The first case was reported by Siewert in 1904,2 in a 21 year old white male, the symptoms having been present since infancy. The literature has been recently well reviewed by Bergstrom, Cook, Scannell, and Berenberg.3(More)
A very large percentage of children with the primary complex of tuberculosis are symptomless, and usually these patients show small parenchymal shadows which lead into regional lymph nodes and slowly calcify. However, symptoms may be present, fever being the most common. This is especially true in the cases showing more massive shadows on the roentgen(More)