Laura DiChiacchio

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We identified a sequence embedded in the U3-R region of HIV-1 RNA that is highly complementary to human tRNA(3)(Lys). The free energy of annealing to tRNA(3)(Lys) is significantly lower for this sequence and the primer-binding site than for other viral sequences of similar length. The only interruption in complementarity is a 29-nucleotide segment inserted(More)
MOTIVATION There are numerous examples of RNA-RNA complexes, including microRNA-mRNA and small RNA-mRNA duplexes for regulation of translation, guide RNA interactions with target RNA for post-transcriptional modification and small nuclear RNA duplexes for splicing. Predicting the base pairs formed between two interacting sequences remains difficult, at(More)
RNA-RNA binding is a required step for many regulatory and catalytic processes in the cell. Identifying RNA-RNA hybridization sites is challenging because of the competition between intramolecular and intermolecular structure formation. A complete picture of RNA-RNA binding includes an understanding of single-stranded folding and binding site accessibility,(More)
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