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Repeated records on fertility, litter size, and ovulation rate of Rambouillet ewes and on fertility and litter size of Finnsheep ewes were used to estimate heritabilities and repeatabilities with linear and nonlinear sire and animal models. Linear sire (LSM) and animal models were used with all traits. Nonlinear models were the threshold, Poisson, and(More)
Auditing is the process by which an opinion is formed on the financial statements of a company by a group of outside professional accountants. Large numbers of documents pertaining to the company's business are examined and many more are produced during an audit in order to arrive at and provide a basis for this opinion. These documents contain a wide(More)
The performance of linear and nonlinear sire and animal models in the analyses of reproductive traits (fertility, litter size, and ovulation rate) in two sheep populations (Rambouillet and Finnsheep) was compared in terms of goodness of fit and predictive ability. Linear sire (LSM) and animal (LAM) models were used with all traits. Nonlinear models were the(More)
  • L D Young
  • 1992
This article provides a review and discussion of recent developments in psychological research related to rheumatoid arthritis (RA). A description of the medical aspects of the disease is followed by an overview of the literature relating psychological variables to pain and disability in RA; a summary evaluating affective reactions, disease-related beliefs,(More)
This study examined the extent to which the psychological variables of depression, anxiety, and helplessness predicted the pain behavior and functional status of 64 rheumatoid arthritis (RA) patients beyond what could be predicted on the basis of demographic and medical status variables. Pain behavior was evaluated using a standardized observation method,(More)
The development and homeostasis of multicellular animals requires precise coordination of cell division and differentiation. We performed a genome-wide RNA interference screen in Caenorhabditis elegans to reveal the components of a regulatory network that promotes developmentally programmed cell-cycle quiescence. The 107 identified genes are predicted to(More)
Four studies examined the reliability and validity of a behavioral observation method for the assessment of pain associated with rheumatoid arthritis (RA). The major purpose of experiment 1 was to evaluate the interobserver reliability of the observation method. Two observers recorded the frequencies of pain behaviors displayed by 20 RA patients. Each of 3(More)