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In their 2012 report, the President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology advocated "replacing standard science laboratory courses with discovery-based research courses"-a challenging proposition that presents practical and pedagogical difficulties. In this paper, we describe our collective experiences working with the Genomics Education(More)
Consensus conferences, also known as citizens' panels-a collection of lay-citizens akin to a jury but charged with deliberating on policy issues with high technical content-are a potentially important way to conduct technology assessments, inform policy makers about public views of new technologies, and improve public understanding of and participation in(More)
Several Seattle-area streams in Puget Sound were the focus of habitat restoration projects in the 1990s. Post-project effectiveness monitoring surveys revealed anomalous behaviors among adult coho salmon returning to spawn in restored reaches. These included erratic surface swimming, gaping, fin splaying, and loss of orientation and equilibrium. Affected(More)
  • Aimee A Keller, Candace A Oviatt, Henry A Walker, Jamie D Hawk, Eric Klos, Laura Reed +8 others
  • 1999
An experiment was conducted with six 13-m 3 land-based mesocosms (5 m deep) in December 1996/February 1997 to address the impact of increased temperature on the trophic structure of nutrient-rich coastal systems. All mesocosms were exposed to a high nutrient loading rate (2.31 mmol N m Ϫ3 d Ϫ1 : 0.18 mmol P m Ϫ3 d Ϫ1 : 0.165 mmol Si m Ϫ3 d Ϫ1). Three(More)
Mean skin temperature (Tsk) calculated from seven sites and rectal temperature (Tre) were recorded every minute for a total of 88 man-nights in eight young men sleeping at night in both cold (during the Artic winter) and neutral (laboratory) environments, and were related to the EEG stages of sleep, especially to paradoxical sleep (PS). In the neutral(More)
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