Laura Crociani

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A series of heterobimetallic complexes of general structure [RhL(2){eta(5)-(2-ferrocenyl)indenyl}] (L(2)=cod, nbd, L=CO; cod=cyclooctadiene; nbd=norbornadiene) has been synthesised with the aim of tuning the metal-metal interaction in their mixed-valence ions generated both by chemical and electrochemical oxidation, and the results are compared with those(More)
RATIONALE To try to find a correlation between the antiproliferative activity of a series of [M(I)(P)4](+) complexes (M = Cu, Ag and Au; P = tertiary phosphine) and their stability at micromolar concentration under mass spectrometric conditions. METHODS [M(I)(P)4](+) complexes were investigated by positive ion electrospray ionization mass spectrometry(More)
Magnesium borohydride, Mg(BH4)2, a long-sought candidate for efficient hydrogen storage chemisorption technology, has been obtained in a pure and crystalline form by two new synthetic routes in a hydrocarbon solvent. A first synthetic approach involves a metathetical reaction between organometallic magnesium compounds; a second route consists of an(More)
The extent of metal-metal electronic coupling was quantified for a series of syn and anti stereoisomers of (FeCp)(2)-, (RhL(2))(2)- and (FeCp)(RhL(2))- (L(2)=1,5-cyclooctadiene (cod), L=CO) as-indacenediide mixed-valent ions by spectroelectrochemical and DFT studies. The effect of the syn/anti orientation of the metal units with respect to the planar(More)
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