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Phase transitions are ubiquitous in our three-dimensional world. By contrast, most conventional transitions do not occur in infinite uniform low-dimensional systems because of the increased role of thermal fluctuations. The crossover between these situations constitutes an important issue, dramatically illustrated by Bose-Einstein condensation: a gas(More)
We present a general "fit-free" method for measuring the equation of state (EoS) of a scale-invariant gas. This method, which is inspired from the procedure introduced by Ku et al. [Science 335, 563 (2012)] for the unitary three-dimensional Fermi gas, provides a general formalism which can be readily applied to any quantum gas in a known trapping potential,(More)
We create supercurrents in annular two-dimensional Bose gases through a temperature quench of the normal-to-superfluid phase transition. We detect the magnitude and the direction of these supercurrents by measuring spiral patterns resulting from the interference of the cloud with a central reference disk. These measurements demonstrate the stochastic nature(More)
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