Laura Castro

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The persistence of novel aposematic forms, and thereby the evolution of aposematic polymorphism, remain intriguing. Novel and rare forms could be disproportionally attacked by predators that already learned to avoid a pre-existing and more common aposematic form. Alternatively, novel forms could be less frequently attacked if predators are reluctant to(More)
BACKGROUND Different bacteria have been reported so far that link selenite resistance to the production of metallic selenium nanoparticles (SeNPs). Although SeNPs have many biotechnological applications in diverse areas, the molecular mechanisms involved in their microbial genesis are not fully understood. The Azoarcus genus is a physiologically versatile(More)
It has long been recognized that energy metabolism is linked to the production of reactive oxygen species (ROS) and critical enzymes allied to metabolic pathways can be affected by redox reactions. This interplay between energy metabolism and ROS becomes most apparent during the aging process and in the onset and progression of many age-related diseases(More)
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