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Macrocyclic peptidomimetics are associated with a broad range of biological activities. However, despite such potentially valuable properties, the macrocyclic peptidomimetic structural class is generally considered as being poorly explored within drug discovery. This has been attributed to the lack of general methods for producing collections of macrocyclic(More)
Two divergent synthetic routes are reported offering access to four quinolone natural products from Pseudonocardia sp. CL38489. Key steps to the natural products involved a regioselective epoxidation, an intramolecular Buchwald-Hartwig amination and a final acid-catalysed 1,3-allylic-alcohol rearrangement to give two of the natural products in one step.(More)
The use of programmability in systems-on-chip (SoC) brings as the main advantage the possibility of reducing the time-to-market and the cost of design, specially when different systems and functions must cover different markets, going from low-power and low-frequency instrumentation to high frequency communication. This paper presents a technique that can(More)
This paper proposes an analytical modeling of power consumption in CMOS gates which is based on timing-only models. The proposed model is refined for the short circuit power dissipation as a function of input transition times, power supply voltage and output loading (C/sub L/) factor. The influence of the short circuit power dissipation can introduce an(More)
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