Laura Calvet

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Researchers and conservation managers largely agree on the relevance of traditional ecological knowledge for natural resource management in indigenous communities, but its prevalence and role as societies modernize are contested. We analyzed the transmission of traditional knowledge among rural local people in communities linked to protected areas in(More)
The propensity to imitation over other forms of learning is one of the major differences between humans and other species and one that has allowed for cumulative cultural evolution. However, imitation alone cannot explain increases of average fitness in human populations. Anthropologists have hypothesized that people do not imitate behaviors from random(More)
Computational finance has become one of the emerging application fields of metaheuristic algorithms. In particular, these optimization methods are quickly becoming the solving approach alternative when dealing with realistic versions of financial problems, such as the popular portfolio optimization problem (POP). This paper reviews the scientific literature(More)
In real-life logistics and distribution activities it is usual to face situations in which the distribution of goods has to be made from multiple warehouses or depots to the final customers. This problem is known as the Multi-Depot Vehicle Routing Problem (MDVRP), and it typically includes two sequential and correlated stages: (a) the assignment map of(More)
Combinatorial optimization has been a workhorse of financial and risk management, and it has spawned a large number of real-life applications. Prominent in this body of research is the mean-variance efficient frontier (MVEF) that emanates from the portfolio optimization problem (POP), pioneered by Harry Markowitz. A textbook version of POP minimizes risk(More)
In this paper, we focus on a scenario in which a company or a set of companies conforming a supply network must deliver a complex product (service) composed of several components (tasks) to be processed on a set of parallel flow-shops with a common deadline. Each flow-shop represents the manufacturing of an independent component of the product, or the set(More)
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