Laura Brunetti

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As virtual worlds evolve, so does the visual complexity and customizability of the avatars inside the worlds. In virtual worlds such as Second Life, prospering virtual fashion industries have brought about, among other things, the formation of virtual fashion blogs. This paper presents a content analysis of major virtual fashion blogs with an emphasis on(More)
Tissues exposed to ischemia and reperfusion develop an inflammatory response. We investigate the morphological and immunological changes occurring in the mucosa of a jejunal loop transplanted in the oropharynx of a man undergoing circular pharyngolaryngectomy. Jejunal biopsies were collected during the transplantation procedures (cold and warm ischemia,(More)
Celiac disease, an immune-mediated enteropathy induced in genetically susceptible individuals by the ingestion of gluten, is the most frequent disorder associated with splenic hypofunction or atrophy. Defective splenic function affects more than one-third of adult patients with celiac disease, and it may predispose to a higher risk of infections by(More)
BACKGROUND Refractory celiac disease (RCD) is a preneoplastic condition as many patients develop an enteropathy-type T-cell lymphoma, a mature T-cell receptor α-β lymphoma arising in the gut with an ominous outcome. Recently, research focused on a population of intraepithelial intestinal lymphocytes expressing the same lymphoma T-cell receptor variable(More)
In recent years transabdominal bowel sonography has become a first-line modality both in the diagnosis and in the follow-up of inflammatory bowel diseases, especially Crohn's disease, reaching values of sensitivity ranging from 84 to 93 %. In particular, its role is very useful in the early diagnosis of complications such as stenosis, phlegmons, abscesses(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES High-dose melphalan with autologous peripheral blood stem cell transplantation (ASCT) is an effective treatment for systemic primary amyloidosis. This procedure is, however, associated with substantial toxicity and mortality, particularly if the heart is involved. Refined selection of patients suitable for transplantation and(More)
Bortezomib is the first anticancer proteasome inhibitor introduced into clinical practice. It has been recently approved for the treatment of multiple myeloma, an incurable plasma cell tumour that accounts for 10-15% of all haematologic malignancies and for approximately 20% of deaths. Gastrointestinal toxicity associated with the use of this drug is common(More)
Blastic plasmacytoid dendritic cell neoplasm (BPDCN) is a rare, distinct entity of the WHO 2008 classification of hematopoietic tumors that is thought to arise from plasmacytoid dendritic cell precursors. BPDCN is characterized by the expansion of monomorphic immature tumor cells expressing CD4, CD56, CD123 and TLC-1, usually in the bone marrow and the(More)
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