Laura Brown

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Two studies examined cognitive maps of environmental knowledge and preference shown by nursing home patients. In study I, knowledge of the nursing home environment was investigated. Age was found to be negatively related to accuracy in identifying the locations of slide-depicted scenes. Also, patients who had lived several years in the nursing home were(More)
Elongating DNA polymerases frequently encounter lesions or structures that impede progress and require repair before DNA replication can be completed. Therefore, directing repair factors to a blocked fork, without interfering with normal replication, is important for proper cell function, and it is a process that is not well understood. To study this(More)
The research presented in this paper investigates the construction and feasibility of use of an ontology of reminiscence in a conversational agent (CA) with suitable reminiscence mechanisms for non-clinical use within a healthy aging population who may have memory loss as part of normal aging and thereby improve subjective well-being (SWB). 1 Introduction(More)
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