Laura Brandt

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InsP(6) [Ins(1,2,3,4,5,6)P6; phytate] is the most abundant inositol phosphate in mammalian cells with cytosolic/nuclear concentrations of up to 50 μM. We noticed that InsP6 in culture medium at a concentration of ≤50 μM significantly stimulates H1299 tumour cell growth, whereas larger concentrations of InsP6 inhibit growth. A detailed study of the fate of(More)
During the past decade, substantial progress has been made in the field of addiction medicine in Europe, particularly regarding the development of new treatment interventions, resulting in a wide range of therapeutic options for patients with substance use disorders. However, not all interventions are evidence based. Patients with cannabis and(More)
The merging of a pair of symmetric, horizontally oriented vortices in unstratified and stably stratified viscous fluid is investigated. Two-dimensional numerical simulations are performed for a range of flow conditions. The merging process is resolved into four phases of development and key underlying physics are identified. In particular, the deformation(More)
AIM To investigate abnormalities in automatic information processing related to self- and observer-rated alexithymia, especially with regard to somatization, controlling for confounding variables such as depression and affect. SAMPLE 89 healthy subjects (60% female), aged 19-71 years (M = 32.1). 58 subjects were additionally rated by an observer. (More)
The interactions and merging of two unequal co-rotating vortices in a viscous fluid are investigated. Two-dimensional numerical simulations of initially equal-sized vortices with differing relative strengths are performed. In the case of equal-strength vortices, i.e. symmetric vortex pairs (Brandt & Nomura, J. Fluid Mech., vol. 592, 2007, pp. 413–446), the(More)
AIMS The aim of this exploratory analysis of European Quality Audit of Opioid Treatment data was to identify areas of improvement for current opioid maintenance treatment (OMT) approaches. METHODS Factors facilitating treatment entry, retention and refusal were compared between 8 European countries and between OMT patient (OMT-P) and active opioid user(More)
We test a previously proposed model for the generation of internal waves, produced both by the flow over the body and the disturbances produced by its turbulent wake, within the framework of a ray model of the internal waves. This model approximates the stratified flow over the sphere as a combination of a distribution of sources representing the steady(More)
PURPOSE OF REVIEW Over the last 15 years the prevalence of neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS) increased almost five-fold. A considerable diversity seems to prevail in the management of NAS. This review provides an overview of factors affecting the expression and course of NAS, and recent developments in NAS assessment and treatment. RECENT FINDINGS Apart(More)
BACKGROUND Prior studies have reported on the pregnancies and outcomes of in vitro fertilization (IVF) in special subpopulations; however, there is a lack of studies on opioid-exposed IVF-conceived neonates. CASE PRESENTATION A young adult IVF-pregnant woman was maintained on buprenorphine throughout pregnancy and received follow-up from the addiction(More)