Laura Boulos

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A rapid epifluorescence staining method using the LIVE/DEAD Bacterial Viability Kit (BacLight) was applied to estimate both viable and total counts of bacteria in drinking water. BacLight is composed of two nucleic acid-binding stains: SYTO 9 and propidium iodide. SYTO 9 penetrates all bacterial membranes and stains the cells green, while propidium iodide(More)
Wittig-Horner reagents 1a,b react with 1,2,3-indantrione (2) to give the dimeric adducts 3a and 3b, respectively. Moreover, 2 reacts with tert-butyl diethylphosphonoacetate (1c) yielding the ethylenic compound 4. On the other hand, 2 reacts with 1d to yield the phosphonate adduct 5. Mechanisms accounting for the formation of the new products are discussed(More)
Certain 2-aryl-3H-1-benzazepines are conformationally mobile on the NMR time scale. Variable-temperature NMR experiments bolstered by calculations indicate that alkylation of the azepine ring will slow the interconversion of conformational enantiomers markedly. DFT studies show that, while the substitution patterns of the aryl groups at C2 and C4 do not(More)
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